Online Programs for Nonprofit Management

CENTED´s International Training Center offers a series of Online Programs for nonprofit and non-governmental organizations around the world. These programs provide an insight into the latest tools and techniques for nonprofit management and are designed for board members, management and technical staff, social leaders, volunteers, government officials, independent consultants, etc.

Strategic management for nonprofit organizations

This program is designed to help nonprofit and non-governmental organization leaders use strategic management tools and techniques to improve their organizations overall performance.

Some of the topics this course focuses on include: Origin and evolution of civil society organizations; Government and Management of Nonprofit Organizations; Managerial dilemmas; Main problems faced by NPOs; Human Resources Management; Strategic Planning: Mission, Vision and Values, Organizational capacities, Business Plan for NPOs.; Assessment of strengths and weaknesses; Provision of products and services: Competitive Analysis and Comparative Value; Management information systems;

Designing and managing social development projects

This program is designed to assist management and technical staff involved in the analysis, design, implementation or evaluation of social development projects, regardless of their specific theme.

Some of the topics this course focuses on include: Civil Society and the Public Sphere; Provision of public and private goods; Analysis of social problems: Main difficulties, thematic areas; Legal, Political and Social Accountability; Mobilizing communities; Project Analysis Phase: Identification of stakeholders, Specific contributions of each one; Design Phase: Objectives and Planning, Project formulation; Implementation Phase: Getting into action, Territorial and Management Committees; Evaluation Phase: How to measure results, Ongoing assessment.

Nonprofit fundraising: concepts, techniques and latest trends

This program is designed to help understand and make the most of the latest tendencies in nonprofit and non-governmental financing and fundraising, both from the organizations and their stakeholders points of view.

Some of the topics this course focuses on include: Financing of Nonprofit Organizations; Financial Stability Concepts; The production circuit in Social Organizations; Financing models: Associative, Donor based and Entrepreneurial; Finding donors: Donor characteristics, How to approach each one; Different ways to apply for funding: effectiveness of each one; Beyond classical donations: Other ways to obtain funding; Social Marketing; Cause Related Marketing; Fundraising planning; Ethics in fundraising;

Program characteristics

These 12 week programs are fully online an asynchronous, meaning that there is no need to connect to the Internet at any given time. Instead, participants can choose the most suitable day and time to access the course materials and perform all related activities. Additionally, these courses can be accessed from any part of the world: the only requisite being access to the Internet.

These characteristics significantly reduce costs associated with travelling and attending on-campus education programs which obviously are also delivered on specific dates and times. Online Programs for nonprofit and non-governmental organizations have become a highly effective time and cost reduction alternative to traditional learning options, while retaining high academic standards and curricular design.

About our organization

CENTED (Centro de Tecnología para el Desarrollo) is a Nonprofit Organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, whose mission is to contribute to the development, strengthening and professionalization of the Civil Society Organizations, through training and specialized consulting, in order to improve their performance, effectiveness and efficiency, and thus achieve a greater impact on society in general.

CENTED is the best choice in executive education for Nonprofit Organizations since it is the leading organization in Latin America, in addition to having extensive experience in the rest of the world. Since 2003 we have developed specific educational processes for the Third Sector and as of 2007 we incorporated methodologies using e-learning, having trained more than 2000 board members, management and technical staff, social leaders, volunteers, government officials, independent consultants, etc.

Program faculty

Stephen Beaumont holds a Ph. D. and Master degree in Business Management, Master degree in Strategic Studies, other post graduate degrees in Nonprofit Management and Pedagogy and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. He has also taken post graduate courses at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), World Bank Institute (Washington, DC) and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, USA)

He has taught numerous courses and seminars, and regularly participates in national and international conferences. He has published numerous articles and papers on nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, as well as eight books. His professional activity involves consulting work and training, mainly for nonprofit organizations, having worked with some 400 organizations in over 20 countries.

For more information and/or to apply please write to us at the email address below